Talos Energy, an Independent Oil and Gas Company

As a drive to allow foreign competitors back to the energy market in Mexico, Mexico has allowed private companies to sink offshore oil wells in its waters. This is quite historic considering the fact that no private company has ever been allowed to do so in 80 years.
Houston Talos Energy, London– based Premier Oil Plc and Sierra Oil & Gas of Mexico were the first private companies to have been allowed to explore the Mexican water. Since the nationalization of the oil industry in 1993 the only company that was allowed to drill oil in the Mexican waters was the state owned Petroleos Mexicanos.
The three companies successfully won the bid to explore the Mexican waters in 2015 and would begin drilling in areas around the Zama-1 well which is located at the Sureste Basin in the State of Tabasco and is estimated to hold between 100 million to 500 million barrels of crude oil. According to Premier, the venture is expected to last for at least three months at a cost to Premier of 16 million dollars.
Reynolds, an analyst at Edison Research Ltd based in London, in a note to clients, said the structure of the basin has high chances of geological success and that the oil industry players would keenly watch the project. In another rejoinder Charlie Sharp also an analyst at Canaccord Genuity Ltd suggests that given the complexity of the Mexican oil industry the exploration will be an interesting thing to watch in the sector.
According to Premier, the three companies’ stakes in the venture are Sierra 40%, Talos 30% and Premier hold 25%.
Talos Energy LLC is a private oil and gas company that primarily focuses on exploration and acquisition of oil and gas properties in the Gulf of Mexico and Gulf Coast. Talos is backed by investment Funds from three affiliated companies namely Apollo Global Management, LLC, Riverstone Holdings LLC, and Talos management.
Ash Shepherd, Talos commercial manager for Mexico, was recognized as an honoree of Thirty Under forty. Shepherd was the person who signed the first two production partnership contracts which saw Talos gain access into the Mexican waters since.

José Auriemo Neto Role in JHSF’s Future

JHSF is a real estate firm rooted in success deeply by the passion and ambition of a family. The company is also well reputed for its efficiency and profitability. It was once a construction company, after which, it morphed into a development company. During its inception as JHS in 1972, the two pioneering brothers, Fábio Auriemo and José Roberto, had domineering shares to the company, each. The two were to later quarrel over company management and direction. Their quarrel led to their decision to split the company into two: JHSF and JHSJ. The F and J suffixes inserted at the end were deduced to be initials of their names, Fabio and Jose.

Fabio was an ingenious businessman with a strong background in construction and an avidly propelling urge to create beauty, wealth, and stealth. Although the two sire-lings of JHS grew into success, JHSF attracted the international kind of wealth: its wealth grew across borders. Fabio propelled the family business successfully and professionally that he got acknowledged by many media houses and corporations for always delivering high levels of customer satisfaction.

JHSF mainly specializes in the market fields of real estate development, shopping malls, hotels, and gastronomy. It endures the misconception that it is a high-end clientele company because of its vast properties within the high-end market. However, the president of the company, Jose Auriemo, Fabio’s son, defends the company and asserts that for a fact, JHSF owns one of the most sizable middle-class real estate assets such as shopping malls, business parks and complexes, and housing units.

The company has especially endured the prospect of falling with its founder’s old-age and subsequent death. Fabio, despite the overwhelming hard work involved in growing JHSF, had the time to bequeath his passion, skill, and commitment to the business to his son. The efforts to teach his son the trade began to pay off way earlier than expected. He had become a director of the malls at a tender age of 17, and some years later, he had learned something that an old timer could not and an inexperienced youth couldn’t as well. He had learned to predict the most lucrative sports to set up shopping malls. The trick he had formulated that no other person had was how to get such lands at the lowest prices possible.

The first time he put the trick to use, he urged his father to purchase the lot on the edge of Marginal Pinheiros and build a high-end complex. That move made JHSF more profit than it ever had in its entire existence. The advice earned José Auriemo Neto the JHSF presidency, and his father’s respect. He has since been very instrumental to the company which is enjoying heavy profits and under growing expansive growth.

David Giertz understands the importance of social security in financial planning

Social Security is a complex system with complex rules, yet every American over the age of 65 deals with the system. Sometimes they use it as a supplement to their current income. Other times, it becomes a person’s only income. When a person says they are on a fixed income, they often mean they are on social security retirement benefits. David Giertz does not often deal with the latter, but he often deals with the former. The head of Nationwide Investments make sure that his financial planners discuss social security benefits with their clients. His competitors prefer to avoid this all together because of the organizations complex rules, according to the French Tribune.


David Giertz knows that his clients need to know how their social security benefits will fit into their long term plans. The organization’s few hundred dollars a month may seem like a small amount to some people, but as with anything else, it adds up over time. The funeral benefits the organization provides families also need to be discussed. However, the social security funeral benefits need to be discussed in funeral planning, and even though someone has reached retirement age, that does not mean they want to plan for their funeral right away. They still need to have many more adventures.


Giertz has worked with Nationwide Financial and Nationwide Insurance for many years. The 52-year-old veteran of the business world has seen many ups and downs. He knows how to plan for market downturns and how to make the most of a bull market. While few people can access him directly, many of his financial advisers benefit from the wisdom he provides. An investor can to the same by working with the Nationwide Financial group. https://about.me/davidgiertz

Kevin Seawright Talks About RPS Solutions And Its Importance

Kevin Seawright has been featured in several business magazines and cable networks for his innovation in financial strategies and ability to organize real estate developments. He is currently the Managing Partner of RPS Solutions, a brand new company in Baltimore and he once discussed why he started it on the Larry Brown Show on a Baltimore radio station.

Seawright said he felt it was time to do something good for Baltimore’s housing markets and believed he could build something that was inclusive of all first-time buyers and housing seekers. RPS Solutions believes in equality and diversity as well as new ways to turn expensive or rundown homes into livable quarters.

Crunchbase revealed that Kevin Seawright has spent years in professional accounting and investing, and while working as a public administrator in Baltimore he helped turn several departments from a deficit to having a surplus to work with.

He increased transportation and educational resources for the Baltimore public school system and also had a new program known as CitiStat brought in for the mayor to monitor performance of all city departments and emergency response units.

Aside from his time as a civic leader, he also was the financial manager of Otis T. Rolley’s campaign for mayor in 2011, though Rolley lost the election to current Mayor Rawlings-Blake.

Kevin Seawright then turned from public accounting to private accounting for a commercial and residential construction company known as Tito Contractors in Washington D.C. From there he joined the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation where as Vice President and Chief Financial Officer he arranged deals between city officials and private contractors to undertake major building projects.

The CEDC has been responsible for new additions to senior communities and Rutgers University, and Seawright also helped organize music festivals in Newark’s famous Lincoln Park. In 2016 he left the Brick City and co-founded RPS Solutions.

Seawright has been involved with multiple minority groups and has worked with minority authorities such as the Congressional Black Caucus.

He’s also a member of the Association of Public Administrators and Black Public Accountants Forum. He has also served as a trustee on the Babe Ruth Museum board.

Learn more about Kevin Seawright:


Mikhail Blagosklonny And His Oncotarget Journal

There are many people who are not familiar with the writing of Mikhail Blagosklonny, and they must know that he has one of the most-advanced medical journals in the world. He has written quite a lot about medicine, and he has a journal that focuses on cancer research. This article explains how the Oncotarget journal works, and it shows that there is a major commitment from Mikhail and his team.

#1: There Are Many People Who Need This Journal

The people who are searching for the information from this journal will find that they may help to serve someone who has cancer, and cancer patients may read the journal to help with their own treatments. These people will be interested in using something that will help them give ideas to their doctors, and they will print or share these articles straight from the journal.

#2: Why Is Mikhail Blagosklonny Such A Good Leader?

Mikhail offers fine leadership to the journal because he knows how medical writing should look. He has a fine review board that helps people review their articles, and they may send their articles to anyone they like. They will learn more from his review board, and they will receive feedback that helps them close their research. They may publish findings that are helpful for all, and they will use that information to make a difference in the lives of people who need help.

#3: What Do They Cover?

The Oncotarget journal covers everything people need, and it allows them to learn something about cancer that is new to them. They may learn about diet and exercise, and they will learn about therapies that may seem new to them. They will learn quite a lot about the cancer they have, and they may read old versions of the journal that may help them. It is easy for someone to use this information to change their treatment, and they will find that Michael often has his own take on each bit of research. Reading his introduction is just as important as the rest of the journal.

#4: The Archives

The archives for the journal are online, and the journal will be helpful to all who need help with older pieces of information. Older articles may help someone who is completing their own research, and there may be old articles that someone who wants to use for their treatment. Doctors will thumb through the journal often, and they will feel better knowing that they may make changes to the way they are approaching the disease in any phase of treatment.There are quite a few people who are hoping to find what they need when they are searching for cancer research through Oncotarget, and they may trust that Mikhail Blagosklonny knows best for them. He is building a journal that will make their lives better, and they will see that the information in the articles will help them get better or have some hope in the midst of their treatment.

Yanni Hufnagel – Top Recruiter

Ever since he was a kid, Yanni Hufnagel dreamed of becoming a basketball coach. His path was not easy. The first job he landed was at his local town’s public television station calling games. Then, after transferring from Penn. State, Hufnagel became a basketball manager at Cornell University.

Things only picked up from there as he got a summer internship for the New Jersey Nets. Using the connections from the internship, Yanni Hufnagel got the position of graduate assistant at Oklahoma. After some time with the Sooners, he was then hired as a volunteer assistant coach at Harvard.

At Harvard, he began recruiting players. With both a Bachelor Degree and a Master Degree behind him, Hufnagel was able to shine using his great sales tacticsd as well as his intelligence. Because of this, he got a better job offer at Vanderbilt as the assistant coach.

With that opportunity, he acquired both Wade Baldwin IV and Matthew Fisher-Davis for Vanderbilt coach Kevin Stallings. Those two pickups helped Vanderbilt achieve the 29th ranked recruiting class. After only a year, he left the program.

In 2014, Yanni Hufnagel then joined Cuonzo Martin at University of California, Berkley. Once there, he snagged two of the biggest prospects in the nation in Jaylen Brown and Ivan Rabb, both of whom are now on NBA playoff teams.

After some allegations at Cal, Yanni Hufnagel resigned from the position and joined the University of Nevada basketball program. In his first and only season with them, they appeared in the NCAA tournament for only the 7th time in the school’s history.

Clearly, wherever Yanni Hufnagel goes success follows.

Jim Tananbaum explains that $14m Raised by Mindstrong will improve patients’ outcomes

Mindstrong Health, an organization that uses Smartphones to measure brain function, recently received $14 million from investors. Foresite Capital’s CEO, Jim Tananbaum noted that the founders of Mindstrong Health understand the difficulties that face medics treating patients with cognitive health disorders and explained that the funding would help them create an innovative platform for medics treating patients with cognitive disorders. They received the money for investors that include ARCH Venture Partners, Optum Ventures, and Foresite Capital.


How the platform works


Mindstrong’s technology analyzes patients’ cognitive functions by evaluating how they type and scroll their smartphones. According to Wired.com, the doctors then use this information to measure brain activity. The platform provides data on mood and brain activity biomarkers such as memory and function. It delivers the objective measures at a higher resolution and insight, making it easier for doctors to use measures such as those used for diseases like diabetes and cardio vascular diseases. Measurements for cognitive disorders were previously based on subjective studies carried out in clinical surroundings. According to Mindstrong’ s Health co-founder, Dr. Tom Insel, this assessment approach is only the beginning of development of better tools to be used in caring for mentally ill patients. Since smartphones are available globally, the platform can be used to treat patients everywhere.


About Jim Tananbaum


Jim Tananbaum (http://www.officialjimtananbaum.com/) has over two decades experience in investing and developing health companies. He is currently the CEO and Managing Director of Foresite Capital. After graduating from Harvard Medical School, Jim Tananbaum founded GelTex Pharmaceuticals. The company marketed two drugs that brought in around $80 million; the drugs currently make $1 billion. GelTex was sold at $1.6 billion.


Tananbaum also co-founded Prospect Venture Partners and Theravance where he was also CEO. Theravance and Theravance Inc. together generated $2.75 billion. He also served at Sierra Venture and headed other organizations including Amira Pharmaceuticals, Jazz Pharmaceuticals and Healtheon and Amerigroup (IPO).Tananbaum holds a B.S and a B.S.S.E from Yale University. He also has a medical degree and M.B.A from Harvard and a M.S from MIT. He served as a member of advisory boards and visiting committees at Harvard, MIT and Yale.


Read More: https://ideamensch.com/jim-tananbaum/