Lime Crime Can Help You Achieve The Look Of Your Dreams

Everyday we are bombarded with images of makeup and the newest beauty trends.

This is a makeup lover’s dream.

Keeping up with new trends and staying in-the-know with new beauty looks could give us some grand ideas of our own.

If you’ve ever seen someone with an amazing beauty look and wanted to try it on yourself, don’t worry; you aren’t alone.

Some of the best names in the beauty industry, such as Doe Deere of Lime Crime, have been inspired by the inventions of others (remember her Polly Pocket eye shadow palette?), so if others’ ideas inspire you, you are in good company.

If you’ve ever been inspired by the cat eye or by highlighted features or have simply wondered what you could do on a day-to-basis to maintain a killer makeup routine, keep reading.

An Eye Palette

If you’re serious about building a strong makeup routine, one of the essentials that you should have in your makeup collection is an everyday eye shadow palette.

This can be your go-to makeup whether you’re in a rush to get out the house or have plenty of time to spend on your makeup.

Lime Crime has lots of eye shadow palettes from which you can choose. Pick one that has colors that you adore and feel that you can’t live without.


Highlighters do exactly what they sound like they do: they highlight.

If you have ever seen a girl with perfectly contoured facial features, and you want to achieve that look for yourself, go for it.

Many women highlight beneath their eyes, the ridges of their noses, and beneath their eyebrows.

A common area to highlight is around the cheekbone.

Locate where your cheekbones are, then apply your desired highlighter along your cheek line.

Begin near the middle of your face, and work your way towards the top of your ear.

Cat Eyes

Cat eyes make you appear a bit mysterious but can also be quite fun and flirty to wear.

Reaching this look is a very delicate process, so be sure to watch a really good video detailing how to do it just right.