Adam Milstein: Author, Philanthropist, Entrepreneur

In today’s world, it takes people who have a passion for making the world a better place to make positive changes. This has been especially true of Adam Milstein, who for many years has focused on helping those in need around the world. As an author, Adam has made it his mission to promote positive images and stories of the Jewish community, especially as it has faced numerous acts of anti-Semitism. Along with his wife Gila, Adam has started the Milstein Family Foundation, which is committed to helping Jewish families around the world have access to reading materials written in Hebrew, along with other tools that help them build happy lives with one another.

However, in recent years, Adam Milstein has become very concerned about the rise of anti-Semitism as well as radical Islamic philosophies. Because of this, he has spent much of his time writing about how the Jewish community can fight back against these types of hatred and prejudice. Recognizing hate, bigotry, and racism are all playing large roles in the current state of this issue, Adam is very concerned about how today’s radical element is attempting to silence the right of free speech not only in the United States, but also in Israel. By doing so, he feels many individuals are attempting to portray Israel and the Jewish community as a whole as being behind many of today’s most pressing problems.

Because these viewpoints are so disturbing to Adam Milstein, he spends much of his time not only writing about opposing viewpoints, but also working with a variety of groups who are committed to showing the world the true picture of how the Jewish people want peace and prosperity for everyone. By working closely with his foundation, Adam Milstein and his wife are able to have access to people from all walks of life, enabling them to spread a message of hope and love for everyone. As he continues writing about the most pressing topics pertaining to the Jewish community, it’s clear Adam Milstein will use his influence to make the world a better place to live.

Why the OSI Group Has Chosen to Invest in China

The OSI Group was started in the early seventies by a German immigrant in Illinois. When he started the company, he called it Otto & Sons. His main aim was to provide meat and meat products to the small businesses around Aurora, especially the local McDonald’s. However, with time, they have grown and increased their influence beyond the state and become a globally significant processed meat and meat products supplier. They are currently operational in more than 17 countries, and they have plans of expanding their reach even further.

One of the frontiers that the company has been looking forward to expanding their influence in is China. The OSI Group made Debut in China more than 20 years ago, and during that time, they had a hard time convincing the market to buy their products. However, they have managed to turn the situation around and become the prime supplier of processed protein products to large businesses such as Subway, Burger King, Starbucks and Yum among others. The strategies that the management of the company has put in place to help them expand their reach include capitalizing on the poultry processing plant, mainly because they feel that the industry is not yet well penetrated. When their upcoming poultry plant is complete, they will be the largest supplier of the products in the country.

The management of OSI confides that China has become one of their most significant markets because of the ever-increasing consumer markets. According to statistics, the population of the country is growing exponentially and with this growth comes an increasing need for meat and meat products. The management of the company also observed that the population in China is moving up the social, economic ladder and becoming more affluent, as a result, they need more sophisticated foods on their dinner plate, and the OSI Group is there to meet this demand.

The company has also been expanding their presence and operations in other countries both in Europe and Asia. In Poland, they have significantly grown the beef processing facility which will increase the staff by 30 percent and improve their production tremendously. They have also recently announced the opening of a new plant in Geneva. The chairman of the company, Sheldon Lavin has played an instrumental role in pushing for the growth and expansion of the business. They believe that these steps will continue increasing the productivity of the company and make it a household name on the globe.

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Understanding Business with Greg Secker

In order to understand how people can truly learn what it means to be a successful businessman, they have to learn from the experiences of those who came before them. Greg Secker is an example of this.

In a recent interview with the entrepreneur, Greg Secker spoke about all of his new ideas and how he was able to get his trading business going. He started off by stating that his ideas for business ventures came from a mix of boredom and the chance for an opportunity. He said he after working for an asset management bank in the United States, he later moved to the UK where he could start his own trading company and from there, he began to teach others how to do the same.

This led to him starting up the first trader coaching business in the UK and he noticed that people who attended the programs and were properly mentored had a much easier time in the trading business than others. According to Secker, the business model he used for his program was meant to serve as a rival to current mainstream models that allowed him to produce leaders in trading in the first place.

Before he became a widely-known entrepreneur, Greg Secker was raised in Norfolk, England. He went on to attend the University of Nottingham, studying agricultural and food sciences and earning his degree in that very field. After finishing his collegiate studies, Secker’s first step in his career was working at Thomas Cook Financial Services as a creator for foreign exchange trading systems. After this he moved on to a new business called the Virtual Trading Desk (VTD), which was the first online trading platform that let customers receive real-time quotes for large transactions.

Aside from trading and business management, Greg Secker has also been the founder of the aptly named Greg Secker Foundation, which he considers to be his proudest achievement. The foundation is a non-profit group that focuses on education, life skills and youth leadership programs that will give people the edge they need to improve their communities.


Greg Secker – Founder of The Greg Secker Foundation