Jeffry Schneider Leads Ascendant Into A Profitable Future

Jeffry Schneider is the very successful CEO and founder of the boutique alternative investment firm, Ascendant Capital LLC. His leadership skills are second to none, and thanks to his careful attention of building a culture of trust and trasparency at his company, he has managed to rise from humble beginnings to become the head of a billion dollar firm. Jeffry looks at success differently than some others may, because he doesn’t think that it only has to do with how well a single person does. He believes that success is measured by how much a person lifts other people up. His can-do attitude has been the fire in the belly of Ascendant, and all of the company’s investors feel valued and taken care of.

If you ask anyone in the industry about Jeffry’s dedication or his talents, you will get a lot of the same answers. The man is simply amazing. Marie Case, the owner of MCase Consulting LLC., said that “Jeff Schneider is one of the most creative people I know. He exudes enthusiasm for the Alternative Investment space and a commitment to make high opportunity investments available outside of the realm of just the institutional investors.” and Matt Butterfield the Principal of Butterfield & Shore Custom Homes remarked that “He is someone who is consistently careful to properly set expectations and then exceed them. He is someone that I trust and respect. He has played a large role in the growth of my company.” These are just a couple of a myriad of good things that people have had to say about Jeffry.

Jeffry Schneider is also a man of the world who loves to travel and put himself right in the middle of different cultures. He doesn’t just want to visit a place, he wants to experience it. That drive and curiosity has led him to visit parts of South America, Asia, and Europe, and he hopes to visit Brazil, Cuba, and Australia some day. Two of his favorite places to visit are rural Budapest and Thailand, and this is because of how much he appreciates the easy going lifestyle in those places.

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