Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa Guide on Buying Real Estate Property in Panama

Panama is a country with the best tropical climate, sandy beaches, and beautiful landscapes. The country’s residents are fun loving and show hospitality to everyone around. Therefore, most people look forward to acquiring a residential property in the Panama. Buying property in the country without the help of Property Management Company is a bit challenging and time-consuming. Therefore, Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa gives some insights how to buy real estate property and earn a lot on income on investing in Panama.

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa urges buyers to purchase a property below the market value especially if they are taking out a mortgage. This ensures that if the value fluctuates, the amount acquired from the tenants is enough to cover the mortgage and bring some profits. Consult with the real estate brokers to understand the value of the property before making a purchase. Additionally, familiarize yourself with the Panama real estate Laws on Crunchbase to know more information on buying property in the country. In case you want a rental property for the tenants, check for the accessibility and availability of private and public services, for example, a swimming pool, gym or a parking area. Ensure that the tenants use their names to pay the services to avoid any eventualities or price fluctuations.

Before buying a rental property, choose the right neighborhood depending on the target population and the amount of income you have for the investment on WordPress. Real Estate property in Panama City is expensive and has high demand than on the islands and mountains. Run an inspection on the construction of the house before purchasing through the help of a licensing housing inspector at Consider the number of rooms that the house has rather than calculating the size using square footage. Finally, after the purchase, if you live far away from Panama, hire a company or a person to help in the administration of the property.

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa is a Venezuelan native living in Panama. While visiting Panama, he enjoyed the serene environment and the kindness of the people and decided to become a permanent citizen of the country. Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa started working with several businesses, and he is currently the Treasurer, Director, and President of five different companies in Panama. As a member of the Panama business community, Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa helps grow different start-ups and improves the financial conditions in Panama. He also mentors the youth leaders in the community into starting their businesses.

Placing Better Bets with Covers

NBA games have become so exciting over the years. There are a lot of teams where players have been traded, and it is getting exciting. Dewayne Wade is playing in Chicago with the Bulls now. Derek Rose is playing in New York. I could not wait to start placing my bets on Covers when the season started. It was like I was discovering the best way to place bets this year with Covers and I have started telling all of my friends about it.

There is a huge shift in the betting world. People have more options than just betting on a couple of squares at work. I work in a company where more people favor football. I will say that it is better to have access to a website like because it doesn’t matter what people at the office are doing. I can place bets on NBA games and get all the information about the NBA odds that I need by logging on to Covers.

The Internet has made it possible for more people to look at the NBA odds and get a good understanding of where they need to place their bets. The NBA provides so many chances for people to place bets. There are preseason games. People will also discover that there are some bets that can be placed during the regular season. This is the time where the largest number of betting opportunities exist. There are over 80 games that are played by each team. I got for the big games on Christmas day. I also get a lot of bets in during the playoffs. I get a chance to check out Covers and see the NBA point spread. That helps me make much better decisions on the bets that I am placing.

Covers has become the website that people are using when they have a desire to place bets that are more than just a hunch. I used to do this type of betting where I went with my favorite team without any other information. I found that this was not something that made a lot of sense. Covers has taught me, if nothing else, that placing a bet is about more than having a hunch. For me, the betting process is about more than that betting on your favorite team. It is now about getting the stats and placed an educated bet.

Thor Halvorssen – The Bold Face of Global Human Rights

Thor Leonardo Halvorssen Mendoza, known to the world simply as Thor Halvorssen is a Venezuelan supporter of human rights. He is also a film producer with notable inputs in the fields of public policy, individual rights, public interests, and civil liberties. Referred by Times as the advocate of powerless and underdogs, he started promoting human rights from a young age in 1989 in London when he organized a bold opposition to South African apartheid.

Of Norwegian and Venezuelan descent, he didn’t become involved in full-time advocacy of human rights until his father became a political captive in Venezuela. However, he started taking his human rights work to the next level when founded Human Rights Foundation in New York. This happened only after his mother was shot in the midst of a political protest in 2004.

The Human Rights Foundation was built to release political prisoners in Latin America and also endorse democracy. Ever since its formation, HRF has successfully managed to release seven prisoners of conscience, published books on state responsibilities and importance of individual rights, proposed amicus briefs in high-profile international human rights cases, among others.

Not only did Halvorssen establish the HRF, he is also the founder and CEO of Oslo Freedom Forum, which is described as a magnificent human-rights festival by The Economist. Some people even call it the Davos Economic Forum in the making. Halvorssen has been actively involved in human rights and also supports On Own Feet, a Prague-based peace movement for children.

Halvorssen realized that in his work, the best way to be heard is through media channels. Thus, he became involved as a columnist for left-friendly Huffington Post. He also writes actively for Forbes Magazine. In May 2010, Halvorssen bought the popular leftist Norwegian news magazine, Ny Tid. He is currently working to produce a film based on Robert Heinlein’s “The Moon is a Harsh Mistress.”

His work has received several accolades including acknowledgment by The New York Times. His opinions have been published by notable media publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine, The New York Times, National Public Radio, among many more publications.


How to Acquire Pretty Healthy Lips with EOS Lip Balm

It is no secret that lip balm is a huge part of grooming in the current century. Unlike right now, finding the right lip balm for your lips in the last century was hectic. From walking to the chemists to all aisles in the shopping stores, finding a high-quality lip balm was challenging. Well, at least the introduction of EOS lip balm into the beauty industry seven years ago.

Market Penetration

Within a few months into the market, EOS lip balm had hit the shelves of Target, Walmart, Walgreens and other beauty shops in the United States. Not even the modelling agencies like Allure could get enough of its taste. From the several attractive colors and flavors like honeydew and grapefruit, most celebrities heavily invested in EOS lip balm, encouraging the youth to buy.


Delightfully flavored and packaged with vitamin E, antioxidants, jojoba oil and shea butter, EOS lip balm is hypoallergenic and tested by the dermatologists. It is free from paraben and petroleum hence the smooth and beautiful lips.

Market Growth

Although the products from EOS are all over beauty magazines, the company directors hardly talk about their strategies. During an interview, the directors mentioned their $250 million profits through their Target sales. According to the Kline research group; this ranks the Fast Company second among lip balm manufacturers beating the pioneers of the lip balm market, Chapstick and Blistex.


According to the Kline Research reports, EOS lip balm is the core competition in the oral care class. With sales of over 1 million per week, it is safe to say that by 2020, the profits should be $2 billion. With its composition of natural organic products, EOS lip balm is in high demand hence more profits. If you are wondering what lip balm to invest in, EOS is the best choice to settle for.

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Sujit Choudhry: Preserving the Importance of Comparative Law

Comparative law studies the similarities and differences in international legal systems. In its comparison, it sees how close the world is to globalizing laws. It was first mentioned by a French philosopher, Montesquieu, in his book called “The Spirit of The Laws”. Since then, there have been several divisions of laws created. Comparative law seeks to understand the laws of other countries, while improving a country’s own legal system.


When other countries understand each other’s legal systems, it can help make better foreign policies. It keeps the lines of communication open. Comparative law is essential for launching international business. When governments must deal with foreign criminals who have crossed their borders, they will have a better understanding of how to treat them. Extradition treaties depend on a cooperation between international legal systems.


Making comparisons between different legal systems can be complicated. There can be variations of the same form. Traditionally, legal systems were broken into seven different groups. These groups include German, French, English, Scandinavian, Islamic, Hindu, and Russian. Most countries follow a form of one of these. It is easier to make comparisons between countries within the same group.


Ideologies within legal systems can be divided into five different groups, depending on the source: Chinese, Hindu, Muslim, Soviet, and Western. Other legal experts group countries into six legal groups: Religious, Far East, Roman, German, Anglo-American, and Scandinavian. Some countries may borrow from another legal system, while staying predominantly another.


As the world is becoming more industrialized and there is a push toward globalization, countries use comparative law in order to understand and cooperate more with others. It provides comprehension of other belief systems and how they are similar to our own. Comparative law is an integral part of studies in law and humanities.


One of the top legal minds in comparative law is Sujit Choudhry. He is the I. Michael Heyman Professor of Law in UCLA Berkeley. He has been an advisor for several countries that were building their constitution. He has done impressive research in constitutional law and how they are formed. Choudhry is a prolific writer of books, papers, and various academic articles. He sits on several legal boards.


He held prestigious positions in the NYU School of Law and the University of Toronto. Professor Choudhry is the recipient of the Trudeau Fellowship and has worked with government agencies in Canada, including the Legal Aid department of Ontario. He earned his degrees from Oxford, Toronto, and Harvard. He clerked for a justice of Canada’s Supreme Court. Professor Choudhry has been a champion of rights for minorities and citizens over the world.

Wen by Chaz Dean Uses a Variety of Products to Naturally Make Your Hair Beautiful

Do you have soft hair that is perfectly healthy? Of course you don’t, hardly anyone does anymore. Most of the products that are sold in the local supermarkets or QVC superstores are products that are not healthy for your hair or skin. Sure, there are some stores which carry products that will help your hair however many of them will not repair what has already been damaged by years and years of products. There is an alternative however, WEN by Chaz Dean will help your hair become healthy once more with some simple hair care products that are aimed at different hair types.

The Mandarin Italian Fig treatment spray is just one of those options. This spray is intended to be used by all hair types. You can use this spray if you have straight hair, curly hair or wavy hair. You will find that the spray helps your hair by simply adding it to your hair everyday before styling your hair. You will also help to protect your hair with the amino acids that are in the spray. The smell will be a bit of citrus because it does contain orange peel oil along with the fig extracts. This treatment spray will be used in conjunction with other products you need.

If you have hair that does not feel clean no matter how many times you wash it, then you will need a cleansing conditioner. The sweet almond cleansing conditioner (see, is going to make your hair smell good and is going to repair it while it cleans it. If you like the smell, there are leave in treatments and stylers that can be used with the sweet almond smell. If you want to use something that doesn’t leave a smell in your hair, the fragrance free products are great for this. There is a variety of different stylers that can be used that have no smell.

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Bank CEO To Speak At Banking Strategic Opportunities Conference

Recently, the Texas Bankers Association held the 5th Annual Strategic Opportunities and Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana in which the President and CEO of NexBank, John Holt, was a panelist.

Mr. Holt served on the panel discussing the topic: “Reinventing Community Banking: Perspectives on Competing by Innovation”. This discussion had taken place on November 7, 2016. This yearly conference is a chance for consultants, bankers, and financial advisors from different parts of the nation to voice opinions, ideas, and problem solving techniques related to the world of Banking, and Mergers and Acquisitions.

NexBank, represented by John Holt, is based out of Dallas, Texas, and approaches banking by dividing client’s needs into three branches:

Commercial Banking- These are banking services for businesses and corporations that include: Credit Services, Treasury Management, Commercial Services, including Commercial Lending, and various agency services to support these institutions.

Mortgage Banking- NexBank offers a wide range of complete mortgage services to individuals and businesses in Dallas and across the nation.

Institutional Services- This branch of NexBank offers depository services, real estate agents assisting with property acquisition and liquidation, and investment bankers to help client’s chose important financial decisions regarding their financial future.

Since 1922 NexBank has been offering their distinct brand of banking to the local Dallas community. Now NexBank offers the same diverse banking services nationwide with their courteous online support staff.

Choosing To Be A Magnises Member Is Like Choosing To Be An Elite Insider

Who wouldn’t want to go to an event that’s filled with party people that love to have fun and like to stay out late? It’s well-known that millennials can find themselves having fun just about anywhere, but getting into certain events may not have always been as easy for millennials as it is for other people. Many tend to look at young people as people that may not be able to afford to get into certain events or parties, but the fact is, there are a lot of millennials who are very successful. Any millennial who wants to feel like an insider should become a Magnises member.

If you haven’t already heard about Magnises, then you’re missing out because it’s one of the most popular movements today. Mostly, people in New York City have heard about Magnises and the membership as well as what it can do for the members. Go to one of the best gyms to get a private trainer because you have the Magnises card. Entering into a nightclub no longer has to be a long wait in line that results in you being turned away because now you have a Magnises membership. Let’s not forget about the other perks.

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Never miss out on any party because you knew about it ahead of time because your Magnises Concierge application gave you all the information you needed. Want tickets to one of the best concerts in town? Use your Magnises membership to buy tickets in bulk or to secure tickets to the concert. Don’t forget about going on certain vacations, Magnises has trips that they take with Magnises members only, and these benefits are just the tip of the iceberg of what Magnises has to offer their members.

Magnises started in New York City and has deep roots in the city but has also expanded to places like San Francisco and Washington DC. With Magnises being available in these different cities, anyone who doesn’t always frequent New York City will still be able to get some fantastic benefits that come with being a Magnises member. Even the clubhouse that Magnises has can be attended by any Magnises member, even if they come from out of town or out of state and want to spend some time relaxing in a comfortable setting. Magnises also offers their own application that’s like a concierge.

With the use of the concierge, making any type of reservations is possible, and the application is perfect for anyone who wants to be on top of everything that’s going on around them, especially if they want to know about all the great parties and events that are occurring. The Magnises membership is priceless because of what it can do, but the cost of Magnises membership is only going to be $250 to cover the entire year.

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Investng And The Stock Market WIth The Midas Legacy

There are many reasons why you should want to invest your money, and even play in the stock market. Most of these reasons have to do with making your money work for you instead of having it sit in a bank all of the time. Knowing the most that you can about these matters will pay off in the future for you, especially when you get to your retirement years. You want to have enough money to comfortably live without worrying all the time. For this reason, while you are younger it is a good time to get the information that you, and you can get it from The Midas Legacy.

Is The Company, The Midas Legacy A Good Place To Go For Advice On Investing And The Stock Market?

Yes, they are experts at both investing and the stock market. Many people go to them because of their ability to understand money, and how it can work for someone instead of just sitting in a bank somewhere. At The Midas Legacy, they handle advice and consultations that will allow you to become more knowledgeable about investing your money. You will find the information to be very valuable to you. Take advantage of their free newsletter that goes into all kinds of investment tips, and information on the stock market that you won’t find anywhere else. You can also take the two courses that they offer. One is the Stock Code Breaker, and the other one is the Stock Raider. Both of these courses will get up to date on the subjects of trading and investing. After taking these courses, you will know so much more than you did before, and you will be able to plan your financial future a lot easier.

Dealing with The Midas Legacy may prove to be one of the most beneficial things that you could do for yourself. It will help you with your financial future, and you will have a lot more knowledge than you did before. The experts at The Midas Legacy will treat you with respect, and they will give you the assistance that you need in order to make your finances into an organized money making machine. At The Midas Legacy, they care about others, and they want to see them do well. They will help in ways that other companies cannot, and they will do so willingly.

A Brief Guide to Start Managing your Online Reputation

For a business, their online reputation is very important, and many companies go to great lengths to ensure their online presence is positive. But for those who don’t know how to start dealing with this crucial aspect of business management, there is a simple guide that gives you the basics on how to get the process started.

First, you need to know what your business’s current online reputation is. Search for your company online and see what comes up on the first page. But do not stop there. Check social media, examine hashtags, examine champagnes and how people react to your company. Do careful, in depth analysis of what people are saying, how they act, and whether the information is correct.

Second, you need to find what needs to be changed. Got though your online presence and filter out any unnecessary information, and focus only on what you need to improve. See what needs to be done to hide negative information, while elevating positive info.

Third, decide which platforms are best for you and you business. Not all social media platforms work well for all businesses. You need to go through the data and find which one(s) work best for your target audience. Examine all possible options using your careful research and focus on those, making sure to create content that enhances your online reputation.

Fourth, you need an effective strategy.  But most importantly, make use of your customers. Use sites like Yelp and Google Business. Create local listings. Encourage honest reviews, and pay attention to the negative ones to see where your company can improve.

Finally, build and expand on what you’ve done. Create content steadily. Provide updated information as needed. Stay on top of your online presence and keep an open, flexible strategy in place for dealing with any problems that might arise. Evolve your online presence plan as needed and allow it to help you deal with any situations or problems.